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Projects & Volunteering

Back To School Bash

This is an event that we have around the time school starts. We bless children with the materials needed for school such as: book bags, paper, folders, notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighters, rulers, shoes, and more. The only way we make this event happen is by the donations given to us. Donations are not only money, we try our best to get donations like new shoes, school materials, and even new socks. This event has impacted many young lives and we hope to keep impacting and expanding the amount we ave impacted.

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Bless A Child Event

This is an event we have around the time of Christmas. We bless children with gifts that many have never even gotten. The only way we get gifts is by you the people who can donate to us with money but with actual gifts as well that we wrap ourselves and send it off with the others. When we get there, we make an event where you listen to music, play games, and there is free food & drinks.  This is a great blessing and we really get happy when we see them excited and their eyes light up. You can be apart of helping us impact their lives by giving them joy.



Being a volunteer here is beautiful sometimes even tears of joy happen. You get to see up close the blessing that is happening with the children and the tears of joy will fall when you know you impacted someone's life. Your life is impacted as well when you volunteer because you see a different life from yours and sometimes it heart wrenching to see their situation. Being a volunteer a great opportunity to travel and impact the future generation. When volunteering you also can get hours, if you're a high schooler.

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Traveling School Bus

The traveling school bus is a project we are hoping to build soon. This school bus is going to be used to take to Central America and in that school bus we will teach a technology class also educate them more for core classes that are needed to pass. This school bus will only be the start of what we will do to impact the children’s future. We want to first get one school bus but, in the future we are hoping to buy more school buses so we can have one in every continent. We are trusting that donations will get us to our goal of having school buses worldwide.

Traveling School Bus.jpg

Center Worldwide

Center worldwide is a project we are hoping to start soon. Building centers all around would impact the youth because it will give them guidance in school, life, and themselves. We will have tutors that will put the time into making sure they are doing well. Social workers will be making sure they are in safe environments while also making sure they aren't doing anything illegal. We will also have professional psychologist working with children that need mental help. Volunteers will be working with them making sure they are having fun 

doing physical activities as well. Hopefully, we change the lives of children and make history. The youth will be our future and will be able to rewrite their destiny. 

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