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Our Organization

Second Chance Youth Outreach is a non-profit organization that is impacting the youth by guiding them to a better future. While we are establishing our goal, we gift children school materials, book bags, clothing, shoes, and even presents to make them feel valued. The way we are able to give them these gifts is through donations that you the people have blessed us with. Second Chance Youth Outreach has been working with children since the year 2011 and with that being said we can say we have blessed and impacted more than 10,000 young lives. As we grow, we are hoping that we get to build centers so, professional help for mental, physical, and for school can be accessible to the youth in need of it.

Our Mission

Second Chance Youth Outreach has a mission to bring love, joy, and hope into the lives of the children cast out of society. We want to impact the youth of tomorrow and prove that with encouragement the youth will build their own future. We as a team are helping establish a bigger and better future for the children in need. When the youth seek for greatness and future dreams we want to make sure they can get all the help they need to get what they deserve. We want to be able to impact their lives and future so they can make good decisions and be who they want to be. In our mission we will be able to give them great opportunities to schools, jobs, and even help them explore their interests to see what they want to fulfill in the future. With this being said, we will impact the youth of tomorrow and they will have the chance to rewrite their future. 

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